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LayersThe swimming pools are manufactured with advanced and innovative technology

Swimming Pool SchemeOne of the main advantages of manufacturing process is layering: Our pool has 10 independent layers of pool construction and 9 of them are fully hand laid! Fiberglass pools manufactured in our factory, are specially made for severe northern Europe, Scandinavian and Russian climate, resistant to big temperature changes. All layers we use are of highest quality products from world famous producers. Surface coatings are UV and chlorine resistant, shell has in total 10 layers of structure. All pools are manufactured with special osmosis prevention layer and innovative PU Polyurethane hard insulation foam to insulate the shell from low ground temperatures.

The Fiberpool shell layers consist of:

  1. 3D Ultra Granicoat – first osmosis prevention
  2. Colour Gelcoat - second osmosis prevention
  3. Modified Vinylester - third osomosis prevention
  4. Second modified Vinylester - fourth osomosis prevention
  5. Third modified Vynylester with Ceramic Silica spheres
  6. Thermolite acrylic shell - 1st layer
  7. Thermolite acrylic shell - 2nd layer
  8. Thermolite acrylic shell - 3rd layer
  9. Honeycomb structure (in some parts of pool)
  10. Hard PU foam for pool strength and insulation for side walls

All pools with straight walls have a thick steel beam inside the border structure!