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Luxe Covers


Advantages of Luxe Covers

  • Conform the NF P 90 – 308 safety standards
  • Can me supplied as SOLAR cover
  • All covers are fully automatic
  • Reduces usage of chlorine in water due to lower UV into water
  • Saves water temperature day and night
  • LUXE Cover is just above the waterline - it will not change the view if your garden
  • This type of cover is the most popular type of covers on the market.

LUXE integrated covers for pools. We produce pool covers, suitable for all pool types.

Covers are suitable for indoor and outdoor pools, all parts made of MARINE SS stainless steel 316L, tube is made from MARINE SS stainless steel 316 L. The motor and the controller are produced in FRANCE.

Slats are produced in Belgium and conform the EU standard of safety NF 90-308.

LUXE Covers are prduced of very high quality MARINE SS stainless steel 316 L, standard motor for inground cover has power of 200 nM.

LUXE Cover top cover is made from MARINE SS stainless steel 316L and can be supplier with WPC terrace, BANGKIRAI wood or artificial stone.

Pool cover LUXE Covers are made exclusively for FIberpool.EU pool range as standard covers.

Pool Slats


Pool Cover Types we Produce