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Koro Fibreglass Pool Set

Dimensions: 500 cm x 265 cm x 140 cm

Pool Set

Pool set contains all items for the basic pool installation. We can always make adjustements up to our customer request. For more detailed information - please contact us!


The swimming pools are manufactured with advanced and innovative technology

Swimming Pool SchemeOne of the main advantages of manufacturing process is layering: Our pool has 10 independent layers of pool construction and 9 of them are fully hand laid! Fiberglass pools manufactured in our factory, are specially made for severe northern Europe, Scandinavian and Russian climate, resistant to big temperature changes. All layers we use are of highest quality products from world famous producers. Surface coatings are UV and chlorine resistant, shell has in total 10 layers of structure. All pools are manufactured with special osmosis prevention layer and innovative PU Polyurethane hard insulation foam to insulate the shell from low ground temperatures.

LayersThe Fiberpool shell layers consist of:

  1. 3D Ultra Granicoat – first osmosis prevention
  2. Colour Gelcoat - second osmosis prevention
  3. Modified Vinylester - third osomosis prevention
  4. Second modified Vinylester - fourth osomosis prevention
  5. Third modified Vynylester with Ceramic Silica spheres
  6. Thermolite acrylic shell - 1st layer
  7. Thermolite acrylic shell - 2nd layer
  8. Thermolite acrylic shell - 3rd layer
  9. Honeycomb structure (in some parts of pool)
  10. Hard PU foam for pool strength and insulation for side walls

All pools with straight walls have a thick steel beam inside the border structure!

Standard Colours

Snow white
Adria Blue
Pacific Blue
Snow White
Adria Blue
Pacific Blue

3D Ultra Granicoat

Blue Belle
Seaside Blue
Sparkle Blue
White Pearl
Beach Sand
Black Pearl
Blue Belle
Seaside Blue
Sparkle Blue
White Pearl
Beach Sand
Black Pearl

Pool Water Heating

Optional Extras

Option 1 - Dedicated pool water heater

Gas or oil supply required. Guaranteed pool heating throughout the year.

Optional Extras

Option 2 - Domestic boiler fitted to a heat exchanger

Gas or oil supply required. Guaranteed pool heating throughout the year.

Optional Extras

Option 3 - Electric Heater

Electric pool water heater can be used when oil or gas is not available.

Optional Extras

Option 4 - Heat Pump

This uses electrity to power the fans while the heat for the pool water is extracted from the surrounding air. Operates in the warmer months. The energy is collected from the outside warm air and transferred to the pool water.

Pool Swim Jets

Optional Extras
Optional Extras

Underwater massage stream POWER JET. Use the counter-current system that allows you to swim against a strong water flow so you need not turn. Endless swimming! The against-the-current swimming equipment is based on the need to be able to swim in your swimming pool as if you were in a river (so you can continue swimming without reaching the edge).

Kit includes:
- POWER JET 2 stainless steel front with 2 nozzles
- Stainless steel handle
- Pneumatic
- Stainless steel pump 3.0 kW 65 kub.m. / h.

Equipment Box

Fiberglass in-ground hermetic box for outdoor use where the pump, filter and control box can be fitted. All equipment will be connected with 50 mm pipe-work.

Optional Extras
Optional Extras
Optional Extras

Ladders & Handles

Optional Extras Optional Extras Extra stainless steel ladder and an entry handrail are available.

Pool Covers

Optional Extras

Option 1 - Lightweight Bubble Cover

Lightweight bubble covers prevent evaporation and helps retain the water temperature. A floating UV protected cover is designed for both outdoor and indoor swimming pools. It protects the dissolved chemicals from UV rays. These covers require an aluminium roller to wind the cover on and off.

Optional Extras

Option 2 - Winter Cover

Winter cover for putting over the pool when not in use over the colder months. Fitted with stainless pegs to the outside of the pool to prevent the ingress of dirt and leaves.

Optional Extras

Option 3 - Safety Cover

Safety cover - Reinforced PVC coating with aluminum fasteners. Withstands a child up to 40 kg. in weight. Covering the pool is necessary with young children,

Dehumidifiers/Heater Units

Optional Extras
Optional Extras

These are an option for indoor pools to dehumidify the pool room as well as to heat the pool room air. They operate automatically and require a hot water supply from a boiler.

It prevents condensation but also heats the pool room air temperature to a comfortable 1°C degree higher than the water temperature.


The pools are provided with 10 year structural warranty and 10 year colour-osmosis guarantee if pools are installed according to requirements of given in the installation instructions:

The pools are provided with 10-year warranty, if the pools are installed according to requirements of given instruction:
1. The fiberglass pool has to be set 135cm deep into the excavated hole in the ground.
2. If the outer shell of the pool is not covered with polyurethane foam by factory, we recommend covering it with 30mm - thick sheets of polyurethane foam.
3. Exterior of the pool has to be filled with crushed stone, this layer has to be not less than 300mm wide around pool wall. Crushed stone - 8 - 32mm.
4. The 5cm layer of fine gravel - crushed stone is required to even the surface.
5. Underneath the pool bottom there has to be 300mm compacted pillow of crushed stone. Crushed stone 8 - 32mm.
When back-filling the outside of the pool shell with crushed stone, the pool has to be filled with water to exactly the same level to ensure equal pressure on the side pool shell at all times.
The level of water in the pool has to be equal to the level of filled crushed stone; No deviation more than 10cm - this is very important.
6. After filling the pool sides with gravel – it is necessary to create the concrete collar beam around the upper border (30 x 30 cm) around the pool.
See installation diagram.

NOTE: The filling of excavation hole once the pool shell is properly set in position and is completely level starts at the ends of the pool - to ensure the stability of pool in the hole.

When filling the external part, watch the movement of the pool body at the widest point (to the outside or inside), possible deviation up to 5mm of home position.

When lowering the pool into the hole, avoid any deformation of the pool body!

During the filling of exterior part with crushed stone, it is necessary to reinforce the body of the pool across with supports.

warrantyGround-works scheme for the pool:


When groundwater is high, drainage is required under entire perimeter of the pool. If Client is not making a drainage system, Contractor is not responsible for damage, caused by groundwater. During wintertime pool has to be left filled with water.

Guarantee is not valid, if defects appear because of:
- Inappropriate care;
- Inappropriate exploitation;
- If the pool was left empty during wintertime;
- Was build and installation not following the precise instructions.

Warranty do not cover:
- Cracks appeared due to delivery or installation
- Hairline cracks
- Natural colour fading
- Other products around pool

Building the drainage
When groundwater is high or it is possible it will get high (eg. if soil base is clay, groundwater appears because of heavy rain) it is necessary to make a drainage system around the pool base. Drainage system protects body of the pool from potential deformations, caused by water movement around it. Groundwater has an impact on pool water temperature also.

Never drain the pool, until you are sure there is no groundwater in the soil!

Fiberpool.EU recommends making drainage system by surrounding the pool with the PVC drainage tube with Geotextile shell, and bringing it to PVC drainage manhole. Before preparing any of drainage systems it is necessary to consult a specialist, as various soil features needs corresponding drainage system and tube diameter. If there is no natural drainage in the territory, it is necessary to make a drainage pump. The lowest part of drainage system has to be lower than the pool bottom.

Drainage installation examples


Attention! Check groundwater levels. If high do not drain the pool. Check with your installer.

If the pool is drained for cleaning or any other maintenance, it has to be refilled with water right after operation is accomplished. Do not leave empty pool for longer than 1 day.

The pool has to be kept filled with water in any season - even if it is not in use.



Before pool installation, please consult building specialist for pool installation in your area. In specific cases, when soil is unstable or specific, when there is a slope or other nonstandard situations, additional soil and pool reinforcements, indicated by building specialist, might be needed.

Site preparation.

Before digging the hole, determine the future position of the pool in ground. Be sure, that there will be enough space to bring the pool into your garden. There has to be approach road wide enough, and possibility for crane to load the pool into a prepared position.installation

The width of the hole has to be 300 mm wider then width of the external walls of the pool. The depth of the hole has to match the requirements of the instructions of depth. (Technical drawings are available) Please remember to estimate that underneath the bottom of the pool it is necessary to lay the drainage basis of crushed stone.

We recommend lining the walls and bottom of the pool with GEOTEXTILE - in that way the new fill will be separated from the existing.

Perform the installation of the pool equipment: connect the pipework and fittings, pool light and etc.

Connect tubing and electric systems. If the pool is not covered with heat isolation material by factory, we recommend covering; in that case water in the pool will retain more heat.

When all tubing elements and fittings are connected, it is possible to start filling the pool with water.installation

When back-filling the outside of the pool with stone, the pool has to be filled with water in-line and to the same level to prevent uneven pressure.

When filling the exterior with crushed stone, make sure that it will fill in all gaps underneath the pool bottom and stairs.

We recommend compacting by watering and/or using spade or shank.

If the hole was made much bigger than indicated in this instruction, all external part has to be filled with crushed stone. Regular soil is not stable enough.